throat of a flower

he pressed his velvet, carmine lips delicately into her slumbering bosom and his moist breath trickled along her glistening, gliding chest wall he wrapped his raw and trembling pride in the mist of her gauzy scent which rose sluggishly from her slumbering bosom tendrils of her breath stroked his tender scalp, bleeding hunger into his […]

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the enchantment of lupa

lupa sings a dark requiem: a heavy, wailing melody for her dying mortal self, lupa chants, hauntingly – stroking the harpischord of her spellbound spirit, and her lyrical lament shatters the tumbling hush of her forest lair; shards of grief pierce lupa’s throat, squeezing all feminine grace from her glistening pink flesh; tendrils of mist […]

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fury wrapped in a daffodil, confused, wild child, indigo child, impatient, insomniac, rebellious, outspoken, artistic, restless, bored with routine, claustrophobic, perfectionist, odd, anxious and maybe a l’il neurotic, dichotomous, a teensy bit vitrolic, a maverick and a cynic, highly intuitive, sensual, erotic, intense, spiritual — NOT religious, a gentle and bold soul, a wordsmith, poet, storyteller, addict, mother, caregiver, dog lover, voracious reader, Mac person, Coke drinker, herb-a-philic, clean freak, bisexual, voluptuous, afraid of the dark, into fetishes, got a sadomasochistic streak in me …